Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Legoland!

OK so while I swan around in my studio all year making pretty things and having a lovely jolly time, my other half is slaving away everyday, going to work in the real world and keeping it all together for our little family.  Occasionally he manages to get the odd precious minute to himself to engage with his mathmatical, musical genius.  Here's what you get when you combine Lego, Christmas festivity and a lots of glue (I stand corrected: No glue!).  It was first tested on our boy and then a group of willing primary school kids in Walthamstow.  It's been tweeked and twiddled and here's the latest without further ado, Happy Christmas to you all.... from our slightly bonkers family!

Just click on the picture to take you to the video

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Need a Last Minute Creative Christmas Gift?

If you are a bit stuck for what to buy someone this christmas, then these kits are definitley worth thinking about!  I've just added them to my shop too!
 The Stick It version from Duffy London is great for kids. With a little help they can have their very own designer lampshade hanging in their room in no time.

 I used these kits at The Barbican's, Do Something Different Weekend.  The workshop was a family orientated affair and their were some fantastic results, from all out glitter and glue spreading, to  illustrated adventures and favourite things.  Great for using with paper or wallpaper as you simply cut the paper to the edge of the shade and use adhesive clips to click it all in place to the frame.

 For the full on professional version, this is the best option and ideal for using with fabric as the edges are neatly rolled around the frame.

I used a some vintage Thomas The Tank Engine curtain fabric to make this one.  It took just under an hour to make and has a really neat finish, if you take your time over carefully rolling the edges!  This is great for using left over fabric to match in with your room and not just for the kids room either.

I've got a small supply in my shop, so if you are a bit you go!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Printing, making, printing, making

My last show of the year, sounds like a grand statement! I'm happy to be keeping it local, so I will be at Abney Hall in Stoke Newington Church Street this coming Saturday..  I'll be sitting next to and catching up with my good old friend Rachael Howard and there will be lots of other gorgeous sellers there too. Heart Zeena, Roddy and Ginger and Sally Nencini are top of my list. And, it's all geared towards lovely kids.  So I hope you can make it, if you've got little ones to buy for this Christmas, I'm sure there will be a wealth of wonderful stuff!  I think my boy Stanley will be a big excuse to spend all my cash.....

 Click on the image for a larger view!
I'm busy printing and making this week, so I'll have lots of stocking fillers, hopefully!
Rae and I are only there on the Saturday, so get down the market for your local fruit and veg, then pop up to us for a bit of xmas shopping. JOY!

All the way around the alphabet.

I've just spent a mad morning taking pictures of this shade. Hopefully it will have been worth it for a very exciting reason. Can't say until I know for sure. It was certainly a nice chance to experiment with my camera.
The tripod was 3 boxes and a child's chair. I'm such a professional.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Countdown!

On the home front, the Advent Calendar we made last year is back in all it's pride on the kitchen table.  The bad spelling has been amended and this year, instead of red, it's sporting pink and blue!

Adding to this we have a fab bingo version on the wall, by my wonderful studio neighbour Sarah, at With Relish.  Stanley is merrily colouring in the days with dayglo orange.


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