Monday, 17 October 2011

A Sensory Weekend

Making drums from popped balloons (nice gentle sounds - beats banging of pots and pans and ear splitting headache!)
 Apple bobbing at the local market

 'Bread Head'

and bread making with Campbel Works (Neil and Harriet being as inventive as ever) Christine was our expert guide - quite an experience on a fine Sunday morning!
An off the wall weekend

Friday, 14 October 2011

Productive Play

I've had a bad cold this week, so I haven't been very focussed.  With orders to go out, I've printed the wrong things and not got as much done as I needed to.  Never the less, I some how managed to start chopping up bits of my off cuts and made Stanley a mobile for his window. It's a fun guessing game for him working out the missing shapes and things.  I'd like to do more with my other designs.

The blind comes from the wonderful Rude (lots of fab stuff currently at the Tate and you can find them at our Chocolate Factory studios too)

Then came a few Christmas card ideas.

Then it was on to printing Santa Sacks and a new photo shoot - this is my attempt at Christmas styling!!!

Oh and on a Christmas theme, I did a little Santa last week for my demo at The Make Lounge, I'm hoping to make something of this design - Christmas cushion perhaps?  We always had a frilly one with a Christmas tree print on it,  My mum got it out every year! Think I need to follow on the tradition......
Happy weekend.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Stanley at 6

Stanley at 6, originally uploaded by Helen Rawlinson.
My little boy turned 6 at the weekend. It's rather frightening to see him so excited about growing older!
Being the dutiful mum, I printed him a new t-shirt for the day (won't fit him for very long!) and his party was a trip to the local cinema with 10 of his pals.  We went to see the magical Arrietty, which they amazingly sat calmly all the way through - OK a bit of fidgeting and munching of snacks, but not bad for 90 minutes!
 Snack bags were provided (just can't help myself) plus a balloon filled disco back at home. A big success, thanks to help from friends (getting them all home safely on the bus - even though the bus conductor was none too pleased with the racket up stairs!) and of course to Aunty Jacquie for the fantastic party spread! She worked wonders whilst we were out. (and the Ben 10 cake went down a storm!)
 Party in full swing! Oh to be 6 again....


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