Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas Markets at Abney Hall / Part One (and Two!)

Well that's the first one done and dusted.  It was a great show with some really good stalls, friendly people and some super shoppers!  Christmas is looming so sales were definitely up.  I'd struggled with getting anything done last week in terms of new makes, so my decision to lug a few lamps and shades down there and have a mini sale of some old stock paid off.  I also had, hot off the press, some new tube lights that I'd had made up.  I was really pleased with them, got some good feedback and sold a couple too.  So all in all a very good day.

They'll be more to come next Saturday, so anyone in the area fancy some bargain lamps, which make fab Christmas presents @£35, then please come and find me here!

Just to add to this, the following week went really well too, but Christmas things kind of took over and my blog has fallen by the wayside!  Back in the New Year......

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas Markets at Abney Hall

I will be just down the road, here for the next two Saturdays, having a little sale of my stuff!

These little chaps will be up for grabs as I'm clearing out some stock I've had them hanging around for a while and since I don't have a lot of time to make new stuff, I thought it might be a good idea to make some space for the New Year.
Normally RRP is £62 but they'll be on sale for just £35!!!! Depending on how that goes, I'll be adding a few more.
So if you have any friends or family who you can't think what to buy for Christmas, these might just be the answer!?
They aren't in any of my shops at this price, so it's for the local shoppers at the moment, but there's always the January sales so, watch this space......
I'll also have some ABC cushions, purses, mini bags, whatever I can cram into the car really.  Having said that, I crashed my lovely red polo the other day so unless I can get it fixed, I'm not sure about the transport part!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

It's all gone a bit quiet!

I'm fed up of seeing the old post about our open studios so this is just a quick update!
I've just been too busy to blog! Well I guess it's that time of year.
So here's just a few photos to change my page! All a bit blurry but never mind.  Hopefully get back to it soon.

Three sisters do a work shop in my studio and go camera crazy!

Advent Calender fun thanks to links and ideas from Kids Craft Weekly

which led me to this brilliant mum's blog, Filth Wizardry which is packed with some great kids stuff to make!  I found it again recently when I was looking for 'how to make a toy car wash' as Stanley seems to have a mystery obsession about them! This was the brilliant example I found here

Happy Christmas madness month to everyone!


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